Expert Removal of Hazardous Materials

Bincor Environmental personnel are experts in proper removal, packaging, and disposal of asbestos-containing materials.

Critical aspects of assessment and removal of asbestos-containing materials include:

  • Proper preparation of the work area, i.e. critical barriers

  • Pre-cleaning and erection of "containment" areas

  • Establishing "negative pressure"

  • Adequate "wetting" of the material

  • Proper removal of the material

  • Approved packaging in "leak-tight" containers

  • DOT prescribed transportation

  • EPA approved disposal

Bincor Environmental has the experience, personnel, and equipment to safely perform any size asbestos abatement project from a single glove-bag to an entire high-rise abatement project.

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Asbestos Testing and Removal.

Over the last century, it is estimated that over 30 million tons of asbestos have been used over the last century in the United States alone. Approximately 3,000 products having been produced which have used asbestos in some aspect. In addition to industrial, maritime, construction, and automotive products, asbestos has been utilized in items such as household appliances and handheld hair dryers, ironing boards, and textiles.

Mold Testing and Removal

Identifying and removing the source of moisture through repairs or dehumidification is critical to preventing mold growth. Bincor Environmental Services offers trained and qualified professionals who will stop the mold growth, clean the collection, and render the affected area safe for use again.

Permanently Remove Lead Hazards
To permanently remove lead hazards, you must hire a certified lead "abatement" contractor. Abatement, or permanent hazard elimination methods, includes removing, sealing, or enclosing lead-based paint with special materials. Bincor Environmental Services employs qualified workers who follow strict safety rules set by the State of Michigan and the federal governments. We know how to do this work safely and have the proper equipment to remove the lead thoroughly. If you have lead-based paint, you should take steps, not just to reduce, but to eliminate your exposure to lead.


Bincor Environmental takes pride in our quality assurance program, extensively trained employees and state-of-the-art equipment for safe, cost-effective abatement services. Our high quality of personalized service is evidenced by our exceptional track record with satisfied customers.

Once the asbestos-containing materials have been identified by Bincor's environmental consultant, we can make a cost effective "Project Offer" on the project, along with any cost-saving recommendations that we can offer.
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